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The Miss Jane Letts (Hollowell) Charity is run independently by three parish councillors who are appointed as Trustees.  It was created in 1940 by a bequest from the estate of James William Boothe Letts. The bequest established an income to purchase coal or blankets for distribution amongst the “poor widows and other deserving poor” of the Parish of Hollowell & Teeton. In the mid 1990s, the terms of the Charity were altered so that it could contribute towards household electricity bills, rather than pay for coal.


To benefit you must be a resident of Hollowell or Teeton and be able to tell the trustees why you need help. Evidence that you are in receipt of a means-tested state benefit is helpful. Please email the Jane Letts Trustees at or write care of Hollowell & Teeton Parish Clerk, 12 Berry Lane, Wootton, Northamptonshire, NN4 6JX.  Just send the trustees your contact details and they will get in touch.

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