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The parish of Hollowell and Teeton occupies an area of about 4 square miles of the Northamptonshire Uplands. Varying greatly in altitude from 86m above sea level at Teeton Hall to its highest point of 165m at the crossroads of the roads from Teeton to Guilsborough and Hollowell to Ravensthorpe to the south-west of Hollowell.

Hollowell and Teeton have mixed geology. The section that runs north west from Teeton, including the area to the south and west of Hollowell, is located on an outcrop of Northamptonshire Sand (Ironstone and sandy limestone). This overlies Upper Lias (mainly mudstone with thin limestone and shale), which also makes up most of the rest of the geology to the north-west and south east of Hollowell.

Both Hollowell and Teeton are, historically, within the Northamptonshire Southern Hundreds; with Hollowell lying within the confines of the Guilsborough Hundred and Teeton, to the West, within the neighbouring Nobottle Hundred.

Both Hollowell and Teeton villages are covered by a supplementary planning document, the Village Design Statement (VDS) which is available to view on the link below.

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